Silk Dragon

Marion's Journal

15 December 1989
My name is Marion. I am Chinese-American. I am in a polyamorous relationship with my boyfriend. We enjoy all aspects of play in our relationship. Sometimes it gets us into a little itsy bit of trouble. I am Male- I want to point that out because of my name. I am gay very- very- gay. I like having a lot of fun.

I like the smile things in life. It’s the simple things that make me smile, laugh, and cry. I am overly emotional and small things get to me a word a look a glance. When the sun shines the world feels beautiful to me. When it’s rainy and dreary I feel sad. When someone smiles or says something nice I feel my world lifting in joy. When someone says something mean or sad I feel like a cloud fell over my head. Everything seems to make an affect on me. The wind the world and the people I meet all come together to create how I feel each and every day. When my friends are happy, I feel their joy and when they are sad I feel their tears. Overly emotional is too simple to describe me. I feel deeply about everyone and everything. My passion is for life and for the living. I have little ambition but to live and enjoy the world. My ambition to live and enjoy the world is the goal of my life. I am that person that makes people smile. I am that person that holds my friends hands when they are frightened. I am that person that wants to see dreams fulfilled and happiness win. I am a romantic at heart. I live for love. I am in love with love.